Monday, November 3, 2008

Its a simple Sunday evening, i was returning back from my friend's place when on my way i saw an unusual creature at the side of the road. I came near to it and it was so sad to see , a baby monkey was sitting aside, had all his body burnt by electric shock. Its like the baby is welcoming the death to come soon and get it free from the horrified life. I may not sound so impressive or effective however i cannot express my feeling in words. I felt so sad at that moment.
I thought why it happened......
1. Man had vanished all the forest for his own comfort...... leaving all the creatures aloof from there home(forest).
2. From Metro cities, just for the sake of MAN, these animals had been thrown to the neighboring cities.
3. MAN, for his own comfort(AC, Fridge, Cooler, TV) had installed the high voltage electrifying cables....

So, my question is who is the biggest animal and enemy of nature......... These animals(By birth) or Man(A social animal)....????